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CPR Member Scholars and staff are prolific researchers and writers, and they're in frequent contact with policymakers in Washington -- by way of testimony before Congress, and letters to agencies within the Administration. Check out their books, white papers, Perspectives articles, testimony and letters to agencies covering a wide range of health, safety and environmental issues.


CPR White Papers, Alerts & Briefs

CPR Member Scholars and staff publish white papers on a range of environmental, health, safety and regulatory issues. The white papers bring scholarly rigor, expertise and analysis to the public policy dialogue. Check out recent and past white papers and issue alerts from the Scholars.

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The CPR Perspectives Series

The Center for Progressive Reform's Perspectives Series is a set of monographs by CPR scholars on timely and important health, safety and environmental issues. Each includes a thumbnail sketch of the issue, and a proposed approach to the issue.

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Books by CPR Member Scholars

CPR Member Scholars are prolific writers, focusing on a range of environmental, health and safety issues, usually in a regulatory context. Take a look at a sampling of recent books from our scholars.

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Congressional Testimony and Letters

The Member Scholars of the Center for Progressive Reform frequently testify before congressional committees on a range of topics related to the organization's core issues. In addition, Member Scholars often communicate with federal agencies, filing comments on proposed regulations, or bringing important matters to their attention.

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CPR Testimony
Read CPR Member Scholars' testimony to Congress on a broad range of issues.
CPR Letters to Agencies
CPR Member Scholars and staff are in frequent contact with agency officials about pending regulatory action. Read their letters and comments to agencies.
CPR White Papers, Alerts and Briefs
CPR White Papers offer timely and thoughtful analysis on current policy issues, spanning the full range of environmental, health and safety issues.  CPR Reports bring new data or information to the policy dialogue.  Read CPR’s White Papers, Alerts and Briefs.
CPR Books
CPR’s Member Scholars are prolific writers. Learn more about recent books by CPR Member Scholars.  And peruse a bibliography of recent articles and other books by CPR Member Scholars.
CPR's Perspectives Series
CPR's Perspectives Series is a set of monographs by CPR Member Scholars on timely and important issues.  Each Perspective provides a thumbnail sketch of the competing arguments concerning a substantive or procedural principle for developing appropriate health, safety and environmental policies. Read CPR's Perspectives.

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